Greenius is a smart platform that helps you grow your own

    Greenius is an online platform that brings together people who love growing their food in their gardens, farms or balconies. Users easily design their garden plot and introduce the products they are growing, and then start sharing the joys and tribulations of working in the garden, growing local food and a global community.

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Keep a gardening journal.

Write and organize your everyday notes, thoughts and learnings and lay out your garden.


#Planting , #transplanting, #germination, #harvesting There is a lot going on in your garden and recording your activities can help you constantly improve and plan for the future by looking back on your timeline.



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Gardening Journal

Spread the seed.

Interact with like-minded gardeners for support, advice and applause.


Share your gardening #questions and #tips with fellow growers, creating your own gardening community. Find people near you or in faraway places that share your passion, principles or practices.



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Spread the seed

Show your hard work.

Take your garden closer to your community or customers, letting them see your commitment and hard work.


With Greenius, your gardening efforts gain visibility and your business or community project can achieve closer ties with its public.



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Show your hard work


Share your gardening travails, triumphs and tomatoes with fellow gardeners and farmers, growing local food and a global community

Plot the green revolution... One plot at a time!

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 ten reasons

10 reasons to start a garden:

1 Fresh and tasty food at your doorstep

2 Out and about: your garden is your outdoor gym

3 Zero miles food, 100% local

Budget friendly, best ROI around

Community pantry: share your surplus produce

Free therapy: chill out with your chillies

Fair recompense: enjoy the fruit of your labour

Landscaping: create a scenery in your backyard

Break new ground: cultivate your garden & your mind

10  Get down to earth, sync with nature