Your privacy matters

How many accounts you have out there on the Internet? Probably the very first things that come to your mind is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. I bet that you also have many accounts being forgotten long time ago, legacy of forums era. That’s heck of information about you, and if you’re reading this, probably you’re kind of person that’s concerned about it.

Of course there are privacy settings in almost every account editor. But they are usually of type “all or nothing” or quite complicated to realize what’s going on with them without proper knowledge about portal. In Greenius we realized that it could be simplified.

Many components of your account depend on others. E.g. Information about sports you like is part of your interests in general. So what point is it to set privacy for sports if you blocked access to your interests?

In Greenius we give users the opportunity to adjust privacy settings to everything related to their account. Just on user’s home only there are many settings that one could possibly want to adjust:

          1 – Cover photo
          2 – Profile picture
          3 – Location
          4 – Bio
          5 – Plot
          6 – Section containing products one grows
          7 – Section containing users one follows
          8 – Section containing users that follow one
          9 – Section containing shop products and posts that one likes
          10 – Posts written by one


Of course to allow user to adjust those settings we could simply create a list of questions like:

        - Who can see your bio?
        - Who can see your plot?
        – Who can see your ‘growing’ section?

And so on… But we find it highly inelegant and wanted to create visually appealing and clear solution for that. We came up with an idea to leverage those dependencies I mentioned before and display those settings in a tree diagram.

Every node of the tree, being single privacy setting, can be set to four level of tolerance:


global-tile global; everyone will be able to see this

id-tile logged in users only

followees-tile only users being followed by owner

private-tile private; only owner will see this

Also, we said that some settings have no point under some circumstances. In my opinion, tree layout gives better understanding of this, as then it’s quite simple – children node cannot be of bigger tolerance than it’s parent.



This also allows us to conveniently set preferences for user. If one decides to change privacy of his map marker position to global, then according to image above, location setting needs to be global as well. But he is not obliged to do it manually. We do it recursively for every parent as long, as any change is needed.

To implement that we decided to tackle D3. We already had some experience with it by doing data visualization for our recommender system. Main factor for this decision was ease of creating tree layout, and D3 allows that with almost no effort. Besides, it’s always great to learn new tools!

New design and features in Greenius

The last few months we have been busy preparing Greenius for the new gardening season. Here is a few things we have been working on:


In our new Greenius Shop we have curated the best gardening products from selected retailers to give you an easy way to shop for everything you need in your garden.

Greenius Shop


We have designed a sleek and simple shop for the best user experience, selecting the best products from independent retailers:

greenius shop product


Gardeners care much more than about their harvests. Now you can follow topics that interest you (like cooking, climate change or yes, gardening) and get the best articles on the subjects on your own timeline.

greenius topics


New features aside, we have re-designed Greenius with a clean esthetic for the best user experience and usability.

Landing Page

An entirely new landing page, where you can see gardener and product widgets from the web app, as well as a live world map of our growers. Also there is direct access to the Shop and the Explore section, without needing to log in.


User home

The new user home feels cleaner, as we have included a choice to show or hide the plot, and decreased the number of post categories.

greenius user home

Plot editing

We’ve made editing the plot (a graphical representation of your garden) easier and with more options:



And finally, we re-designed the search feature to make it more intuitive and added the above mentioned Topics to the searchable (and follow-able) entities (along with Posts, Growers and Plants).



What do you reckon? We’d love to hear your feedback, so drop us a line at to share your thoughts if you’d like, cheers!

New on Greenius: plant cards, notifications and public accounts

Fall begins today, a season when gardening activities start to mellow a bit, in preparation for next spring. But not for us! In Greenius we are working hard to improve our web app and make it useful (and fun!) for all gardeners around.


Here are our latest changes and new features:

Plant Cards

This will make a very useful addition to your information and organization of the garden, we think. This is a page or card dedicated to each of the plant growing in your plot. The data you can add to the plant card is: variety, number of plants, and “More info“, where you can add anything you’d like. On the bottom, all the posts about this plant will show in chronological order.


Greenius Plant Card


There are two ways you can access a plant card:

1. From the plant widget in the “Growing” section in the grower home, clicking on the “Card” button or the plant name:


Plant Widget


2. From a grower’s widget (which you can find in the Following/Followers section, for example), clicking on the plant icons:


Greenius Grower Widget


To access Irati’s broccoli card, go to:


We have added a new element to the top toolbar so you can see all that’s going on in your Greenius account: new followers, a comment on your post, somebody liking your post, etc.


Greenius Notifications


We are working on the email format of the notifications. Coming soon!

Public Accounts

Last but not least, we are making a significant change affecting all Greenius accounts. As of September 2014, all Greenius accounts will be public by default, meaning that they can be viewed by non-registered users. If you wish your account to remain private, you must login to Greenius and tick the box in “Make this account private”. You can also easily delete your account if you wish so in the same Setting page, accessible from the menu on the top right corner.


As part of this change, we have also updated our Terms and Privacy policy, please read it carefully here.


As always, Greenius is a work in progress, so we appreciate all your feedback, opinions and requests. Don’t be shy and drop us a line to


Happy gardening!

Greenius – Getting Started

This blog post will guide through the (easy) steps for setting up your Greenius account. Let’s do it!

1.- Sign up/Log in

In our landing page (, register in 5 seconds (or login in even less). You’ll receive a confirmation email in a few seconds.

2.- Enter plot name and size

First things first, we need your plot name and size. So grab a measuring tape (or size it with your steps), and enter your plot dimensions (units are meters or feet, depending on the system chosen).


enius plot name and size


An empty grid we’ll be created such as this in your user home:


Greenius plot grid

Read More

New demo and features in Greenius

New Greenius demo

We have been very busy lately making improvements and building new features for Greenius. We have recorded a new demo (don’t you love the tune?) showcasing the main functions in the app, such as editing the plot, posting a message, etc:


New and improved Greenius features

  • Questions: a very exciting feature, we think. Now, if you add #question to your post, this will pop up in everyone’s timeline, so anyone can help you out. See image below.
  • Resize plot: if you made a mistake when you created a plot, or you changed the size of your garden, now you can resize your Greenius plot in one simple step. Note: your garden plants will re-arrange as a result of the resizing, so you will have to fill the grid with the vegetable icons again.
  • Love post: we have added a new heart shaped icon to the posts so you can mark your favourite posts.
  • Tooltip: when you hover over a plot or the icons in a user profile widget, the name of the plant will be displayed.
  • Weather widget: now you can see what’s the weather like in other gardeners’ location. We have also added a reminder in your user home if you haven’t set you location yet.
  • Security: last but not least, we have upgraded the security of Greenius to HTTPS for extra protection.

Greenius questions

Coming soon…

These are some of the new features that will be available in Greenius very soon:

  • Image upload: you will be able to add images to your posts.
  • Notifications: users will be notified by email when they have a new follower, comment, etc.
  • Social log in: so you don’t need yet another password to join us.
  • … the list is open! Tell us what you’d like to see in Greenius, all feedback and suggestions are welcome. As always, contact us here.


New section on our web: Greenius Growing Guides

Hi all,

We are very excited to announce a new section on our web, the fabulous Greenius Growing Guides!

Our first guide will feature how to grow beetroot. Izar has been working hard to create these pretty and practical guides to help rookie gardeners get their bearings when growing their own.

Beetroot Growing GuideWe are working on creating more growing guides for the coming weeks. As always, we are happy to receive any feedback, so let us know what you think!

Grow your own food and share it to the world

Greenius is a platform that we have built with lots of passion and love to bring together people who love growing their food in their gardens, farms or balconies.


More and more people are getting into fresh and local food (farm to table movement, organic farming, slow food) for health and ethical reasons, and many of you grow your own food. Greenius gives you an easy, fast and cool tool to connect to other gardeners and farmers.


You can easily design your garden plot and introduce the products you are growing, and then start sharing the joys and sorrows of working in the garden. You can follow and be followed by other users, and with the use of hashtags you will be able to share and search about the best techniques, seeds or tools for the plants you are growing.


Greenius can help you if you are a passionate home grower and need assistance in your gardening efforts and sharing the results with like minded people. Or if you are a farmer that wants to get across the message of your hard work, dedication and care that results in getting your produce to the market. Showcasing how you grow your products and thus enabling more transparency towards the increasingly health and environment conscious consumers.


Our ultimate vision is to become the main reference for growers everywhere and foster the green lifestyle for present and future generations.


If you need further assistance or have feedback we will be delighted to hear from you!