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Your plot.

The plot is the core of Greenius. It’s a graphic layout of your garden, which will show the vegetables you’re growing in your yard, balcony or roof.




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Hash out from plot to plate.


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Create a post.

When you want to write about your radishes, just enter #radish as part of the text  and post it. In the published post the icon of the veggie will be shown.

Also, just by clicking the icons below the text area, you can categorize your post into one of these types: #eat, #harvest, #question and #tip.  This way your gardening activities will be kept in an orderly fashion for your (and other gardeners’ ) reference.




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Community gardening.

Share your latest gardening #tips with your followers.

Or maybe you could use some help?  Just click #question when asking about any gardening doubts or difficulties. The message will show up in everyone’s timeline as a public question, so any other gardener can lend a hand.




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Hash out about gardening.

Use #hashtags in your posts to show the icons of veggies or to highlight any other words you want (#whitefly, #summerharvest, #cloches, #indoorsowing).

Use #hashtags like #organic, #beginner, #urbangarden, #hydroponic also in your profile to depict yourself.

This way you can click on a hashtag to see all the posts that contain that tag, making all the information available and organized in just one click.


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Find fellow growers.



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Who is growing this?

Greenius Growing Section


Use the map to search for gardeners in your area (or far away places). You can also find growers in similar climate zones across the globe. There is a search functionality to look for specific posts or growers with certain characteristics.

Another easy way to find people growing a specific plant is by clicking in “Who is growing this?” in the “Growing” section from the user profile.




 Greenius grower widget

 Growers’ widget.

This widget shows the plants that each gardener is growing in his/her plot at the moment, as well as the location and a short bio.



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“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do.

Plus you get strawberries”

-Ron Finley-