New on Greenius: plant cards, notifications and public accounts

Fall begins today, a season when gardening activities start to mellow a bit, in preparation for next spring. But not for us! In Greenius we are working hard to improve our web app and make it useful (and fun!) for all gardeners around.


Here are our latest changes and new features:

Plant Cards

This will make a very useful addition to your information and organization of the garden, we think. This is a page or card dedicated to each of the plant growing in your plot. The data you can add to the plant card is: variety, number of plants, and “More info“, where you can add anything you’d like. On the bottom, all the posts about this plant will show in chronological order.


Greenius Plant Card


There are two ways you can access a plant card:

1. From the plant widget in the “Growing” section in the grower home, clicking on the “Card” button or the plant name:


Plant Widget


2. From a grower’s widget (which you can find in the Following/Followers section, for example), clicking on the plant icons:


Greenius Grower Widget


To access Irati’s broccoli card, go to:


We have added a new element to the top toolbar so you can see all that’s going on in your Greenius account: new followers, a comment on your post, somebody liking your post, etc.


Greenius Notifications


We are working on the email format of the notifications. Coming soon!

Public Accounts

Last but not least, we are making a significant change affecting all Greenius accounts. As of September 2014, all Greenius accounts will be public by default, meaning that they can be viewed by non-registered users. If you wish your account to remain private, you must login to Greenius and tick the box in “Make this account private”. You can also easily delete your account if you wish so in the same Setting page, accessible from the menu on the top right corner.


As part of this change, we have also updated our Terms and Privacy policy, please read it carefully here.


As always, Greenius is a work in progress, so we appreciate all your feedback, opinions and requests. Don’t be shy and drop us a line to


Happy gardening!