New design and features in Greenius

The last few months we have been busy preparing Greenius for the new gardening season. Here is a few things we have been working on:


In our new Greenius Shop we have curated the best gardening products from selected retailers to give you an easy way to shop for everything you need in your garden.

Greenius Shop


We have designed a sleek and simple shop for the best user experience, selecting the best products from independent retailers:

greenius shop product


Gardeners care much more than about their harvests. Now you can follow topics that interest you (like cooking, climate change or yes, gardening) and get the best articles on the subjects on your own timeline.

greenius topics


New features aside, we have re-designed Greenius with a clean esthetic for the best user experience and usability.

Landing Page

An entirely new landing page, where you can see gardener and product widgets from the web app, as well as a live world map of our growers. Also there is direct access to the Shop and the Explore section, without needing to log in.


User home

The new user home feels cleaner, as we have included a choice to show or hide the plot, and decreased the number of post categories.

greenius user home

Plot editing

We’ve made editing the plot (a graphical representation of your garden) easier and with more options:



And finally, we re-designed the search feature to make it more intuitive and added the above mentioned Topics to the searchable (and follow-able) entities (along with Posts, Growers and Plants).



What do you reckon? We’d love to hear your feedback, so drop us a line at to share your thoughts if you’d like, cheers!

Greenius – Getting Started

This blog post will guide through the (easy) steps for setting up your Greenius account. Let’s do it!

1.- Sign up/Log in

In our landing page (, register in 5 seconds (or login in even less). You’ll receive a confirmation email in a few seconds.

2.- Enter plot name and size

First things first, we need your plot name and size. So grab a measuring tape (or size it with your steps), and enter your plot dimensions (units are meters or feet, depending on the system chosen).


enius plot name and size


An empty grid we’ll be created such as this in your user home:


Greenius plot grid

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New demo and features in Greenius

New Greenius demo

We have been very busy lately making improvements and building new features for Greenius. We have recorded a new demo (don’t you love the tune?) showcasing the main functions in the app, such as editing the plot, posting a message, etc:


New and improved Greenius features

  • Questions: a very exciting feature, we think. Now, if you add #question to your post, this will pop up in everyone’s timeline, so anyone can help you out. See image below.
  • Resize plot: if you made a mistake when you created a plot, or you changed the size of your garden, now you can resize your Greenius plot in one simple step. Note: your garden plants will re-arrange as a result of the resizing, so you will have to fill the grid with the vegetable icons again.
  • Love post: we have added a new heart shaped icon to the posts so you can mark your favourite posts.
  • Tooltip: when you hover over a plot or the icons in a user profile widget, the name of the plant will be displayed.
  • Weather widget: now you can see what’s the weather like in other gardeners’ location. We have also added a reminder in your user home if you haven’t set you location yet.
  • Security: last but not least, we have upgraded the security of Greenius to HTTPS for extra protection.

Greenius questions

Coming soon…

These are some of the new features that will be available in Greenius very soon:

  • Image upload: you will be able to add images to your posts.
  • Notifications: users will be notified by email when they have a new follower, comment, etc.
  • Social log in: so you don’t need yet another password to join us.
  • … the list is open! Tell us what you’d like to see in Greenius, all feedback and suggestions are welcome. As always, contact us here.